Red Pill Developer

Red Pill Developer welcomes you! Financial freedom is an important cornerstone of life for any man serious about going their own way. Some have invested in cryptocurrencies, some have invested in land and property and some have their stock portfolios. With my “Red Pill Developer” venture I am walking a slightly different path in my journey towards financial freedom and I would like to offer you an idea you might not have considered.
Red pilled men, by definition, tend to think a bit differently, more clearly, and typically are industrious and highly-driven too. These attributes afford unique perspectives of this world meaning insightful ideas are more prevalent than in the blue-pilled and this extends to plans for new businesses too. Sadly though, many of these business ideas don’t see the light of day and so never have the chance to grow and flourish.
My offer to you then is that if you have a business idea with potential that you are struggling to get out of the concept stage then we can help each other… you can leverage my software / web / app development capabilities in exchange for my having a small share of your business idea. Your business idea gets developed and launched so you can push it and get some sales / revenue for us to share in the agreed ratio, win-win!
If that sounds good to you then drop me a line today so we can get the ball rolling.
Examples of joint projects to give you an idea of how Red Pill Developer can help:
  • Wholesale sports supplements reselling platform
  • Insurance broker portal
  • Waiter / table service app for bars and restaurants
  • Fashion-based social media app
  • Supply Chain Management system for metal fabricators / job shops
  • GPS tracking app for safety of lone workers
  • Social worker application for reviewing care of the elderly
  • Golfing strokes tracking app