How does the Red Pill Developer process work?

You have a software / app / web-based business idea that you want to exploit but you need a hand from a skilled and reliable software developer to make your idea a reality. Red Pill Developer can help.
I am keen to offer the software / app development skills of myself and my team for free in exchange for a share of the spoils when your new business becomes a success – a “sweat equity” kind of joint venture arrangement.

A marriage that might actually work!
In essence:
  • You share your business idea with me (we can arrange a NDA agreement to protect your idea first if you wish)
  • I then review your idea and relay my thoughts back to you and my offer in terms of a short business proposal e.g. what I agree to do to help, what you agree to do including the percentage share of your business idea you will award me for my help
  • We discuss and agree so we can move forward and get started on the actual work
  • Design and development work starts, I keep you up to date with progress at every twist and turn
  • You provide guidance and feedback throughout the process to help ensure that what is delivered is what you envisaged (or better!)
  • Before launch you and a few sample customers / users you have lined up run through the system and provide any final feedback.
  • Final pre-launch fixes and essential tweaks are applied.
  • The software / app is now ready for you to launch and for your planned sales and marketing activities to start!
  • I provide ongoing support to the business e.g. make sure everything is working well and any bugs are resolved.
  • Revenue is generated and is shared inline with our agreement.
If that seems to be a reasonable basis for initiating a discussion then please give Red Pill Developer a nudge!